Goin Thru Change: Sowing the Royal Oats

My mind is going thru changes.

Ah! Sowing your royal oats

I'm getting older and before life is behind me, I want to experience what's out there.

I don't want to be in a relationship right now, I just want to be free to do me.

I've been out there and I'm ready to settle down

I want that one, the only one

I want the one that fits

Take your pick both men and women have said one of the many, my mind is going through changes. We each have a stage or stages in life where we go through these changes. I know I clowned Drake when he claimed all the men before we're practice, I mean it's a bit funny but true. Why, because we all set ourselves up for them to be just practice until we truly find that only one. Because no matter how you choose to look at the situation, how many of us in our past relationship truly felt the person you were with was THE ONE? Ask yourself, and i mean really ask yourself while y’all were together or even if you're with them now are they the last one. Are they the one that you’re going to put a ring on or accept a ring from? I'm assuming more than half will say no, why because they are practice, and YOU’RE GOIN THRU CHANGES.

And it's just set up like this, not sure whether its a design of life or we set it up for ourselves. I'm leaning towards it's a little of both. I'm going thru changes. Reasons why they say don't compare your past to your present, two different stages, two different thoughts, two different people (well that's the hope, but if it's not that's another conversation).

Im going thru changes....if you're in a relationship now and you said yes they are the last one, be happy and I'm happy for you. Many of us don't necessarily find it that easy or in such a short span of time. Cherish it. If you're in a relationship and answered no, embrace and cherish what you have for now. Don't let it go just cause you now realize they aren't the one. There's probably still some learning to acquire along the way. If you're single, have been for a while, just recently got out of a relationship, still figuring it or yourself out or contemplating a new relationship; it's okay.

Ladies all the heartache, tears, pain, and sad nights haven’t been in vain. That only one, he'll find you. Fellas, all the messing around, hoping from chick to chick, cheating (not necessarily cool), and feeling like you've lost that one already, it's cool pretty much all apart of life.


You're Goin Thru Changes.


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