So when you come home there are rose pedals from the door leading all through the house, to the bathroom and there you find a list of instructions.

1. Strip 
2. Get in the tub 
3. Enjoy the wine 
4. Put on the blindfold 
5. Follow all commands that you are told. 

After you have eased into the tub and are enjoying the wine and warmth of the water you feel a pair of nice hands massaging your shoulders and upper back. Moving down ya thighs to your feet. You begin to smell the sweet fragrance of honey and buttermilk bath soap streaming down ya skin. Helped up, still wet and blindfolded, you are soon dried off slowly not missing an inch of your body. Carried to the bed where you are laid down warm massage oil is stroked and rubbed on. Smelling sweet and now relaxed............


Rum-Punch Drunk said…
"sweet smelling and now relaxed......." you wake up......and Oh, it was all such a beautiful dream :)

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