What Is Religion?

What is religion, part of me in initially asking the question wanted to throw f and the letters between the k in there. But can someone truly answer me and no I don't want an answered mixed with what your interpretation of what the bible says neither. I want your most humanly answer of what religion is.
See because lately with politics and church it’s become kind of confusing to truly see what religion truly is. I'm not a biblical scholar but please point where in the bible does it say a latex condom is a sin and shouldn't be allowed or that it's against God's law. Us sinners will wait for that answer and bible verse. The way I picture it is well God made people, He also made us exceptional smart, umm, and so if He didn't want us producing condoms the knowledge wouldn't have been granted. Now someone is going to say “well, no wait...we know how to make bombs” or something along those lines. “I doubt God wants us to know how to kill people with them.” You're right I doubt He wants them used in the destruction of people but the basic principles of explosions to use for industry or industrial purposes I can't see why He would be opposed. So please let's not get carried away.

That's another problem with Bible toting, scripture quoting "Christians," be so quick to denounce something that they forget to look at the bigger and smaller picture. Let's take homosexuality and gay marriage for example. Bigger picture no one but God is God, so ultimately who’s to say they are right or wrong. Smaller picture we're suppose to love thy brother and sister regardless and he or she without sin cast the first stone. The hate rhetoric I hear from clergy is despicable, politicians that claim they are unwavering Christians and placing damnation on the next man. Where does it end, if none of us are Christ, but are suppose to live Christlike?

So yes please tell me what is Religion?      


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