dotherightthing4.jpgIce water trickling down ya chest over ya nipples slipping past ya belly button. Gentle hands caress ya ass cheeks, tongue, lips and ice trace the curves of ya body. A mixture of water and juices excite taste buds. And the teasing begins...toes licked over thighs sucked on and clit nibbled. An ice-cold tongue slips into a nice warm, juicy and fat lipped pussy, it has a great taste. It penetrates deeps causing severe toe curling, lips biting, and frequently moans and screams.
The moans dick-tate the tongue strokes, slow and deep means long licks and hard sucks.
Loud and quick means fast licks and long sucks.
That arch in ya back forms toes are curled eyes rolled and you’re cuming all down my tongue, drop after drop I lick it up. Feel the slow stroke in of the chocolate, hard, long and thick shaft, pussy opening and adjusting cuming off the immediate deep penetration, CUM! UGGH! YES!

Imma go deep, lick it and sucking you til you cum


every word in this post are very nice, i really like this post.

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