What Makes You Unique to Date

From a conversation with a friend (Yemisi) about dating and dating outside of your race or nationality and just dating in general, I came up with this. . .
I wanna date you. So I ask you some questions. Because I wanna get to know you, I want to move closer to the person you are. You tell me the basics, your honest, trustworthy, faithful, or loyal. I respect that but I don’t just want the basics, I’ve had the basics I wanna get to KNOW you. Tell me what makes you unique to date. See, the way I see it, its like this, even the most regular chic can say she’s honest, trustworthy, faithful, or trustworthy; still don’t mean our relationship gonna be good for me. I can’t just expect you to bring the beyond basics to the table. See that why most relationships nowadays don’t work. To many people come with just the basic stuff, you know the I’m faithful, honest, respectful and people get hook on that. Then later on when there’s no growth we sitting there wonder why. Because nothing but the basics were asked of you.
Relationships should be about growth, you should grow from every one that you’re in a relationship with. That’s why people leave relationships feeling scorned, not because it didn’t go well. But because when its all said and done they feel empty. But if you leave having grown as a person, yes you may still be sad. But you won’t feel scorn, because you will know you grew. That something about you is different and it’s a good different. So I ask you what make you unique to date? 


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