Anonymous II

Anonymous II
She has been a creative writer from a number of years now, but the passion to write poetry newly discovered.

The passion to write taken from the things or experiences around her, but the inspiration comes those who might inspires us the most, her Grandmother and a high school Teacher.

For her there is a release in writing, a comfort zone, for her its that soft spoken nervous voice when entering a room, but give it a chance and the voice has a powerful tone and a positive meaning.

When I first met this young lady, and it was a very interesting first meeting, I had always felt that there was more on the inside or more than what meets the eye. When I first read this poem I was excited to finally see what was on the inside, so I was more than excited to have it featured on Theory Republic. "I Should've Waited" is catchy, thoughtful, and just a little bit spicy. But it is something we've all said once before.


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