Which are You? Fresh or Fly?

Are you Fly or Are you Fresh? Is your style Fashionable or unfashionable? wait, what is style?
In this world, especially the one I live in I’ll call NEW YORK CITY, among the urban youth there is something called being "fresh or fly." But even outside of the urban youth, amongst the "elite" you have something called being "fashionable" or" unfashionable." When it all comes down to it, its about having a style
So what is being fresh or fly, are you fashionable or unfashionable
Well the way I break it down is like this. If you are fresh, what you're wearing is new, it's currently a trend, and mostly is represented by a brand name (SCREAMS GUCCI, PRADA, Louis, fendi. Whats that jacket Margilla?) Fly, doesn't consist of wearing trends, the style is past and present, and is not always represented by brand names. I'll break it down further. Anyone can be fresh, christmas shopping, tax refund check, school refund check, back to school shopping, or even easter time. Fresh is you are rocking the lastest Air Max, the newest J’s, a new pair of True's or "Louis" bag. 

See, not everyone can be fly because they don't understand that being fly, transcends time. Its about having the ability and respect for fashion. Being fly maintains through the offseason. There's not always a need for name brands. I can put a pair of denim jeans (no name) on with a Louis belt, a pair of loafers (no name), and a polo (no name). No one color is the same but they compliment each other and look well together. Being fly, having style is the ability to reproduce this over and over again on a daily basis, .
The same goes somewhat for being fashionable and unfashionable. So many people think that wearing name brands and having labels make you stylish, fly, or even fairly put together. It makes you look like a mess. No your shirt should not have Gucci "G's" all over it, you wearing a Gucci belt, with Ralph Lauren Polo printed pants, Gucci shoes, and a Gucci Cap. Separately those things can help you accentuate your outfit, but Together its one big mess that shouldn't be put together. 

When you are fashionable you appreciate, you appreciate the craftsmanship it takes to produce quality. You appreciate that the bag or purse you are carrying around was hand crafted or the shirt you're wearing was tailored for a specific fit.
Many times people get caught up in the glitz and glamour of the names. Not realizing that it doesn't take a name to make you fly and fashionable. Brand names do from time to time produce ugly or unpleasing to the eye items. But what you do get from a brand name is quality and endurance. But it doesn't give you a keen sense of style and make you fashionable. The key is to remember that fresh is temporary and unfashionable, fly is long lasting and very fashionable.

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