I call this questions, you ever sit back and ask yourself the questions? The who is it? The where it’s at? The when it was? That's the how, the what, the did, all crucial parts of a question. But I call this questions, you ever wonder what if? While laid back in the sand, have you ever stared at the stars? I call this questions, ever wonder what happen to that number you gave out and she never called? Picture this if you would have given out that number would they have called? I'm sorry but I call this questions. In the office, thinking about what could be the next step to life? Did we take it slow? Or did we not move to fast? If I approached would this be the right move? I don't move fast or slow, but what is the right pace? Is this the course of life? Or do I call this questions? Tell all the details, talk about the moment, did you ask all the questions? When life is to overwhelming do you sit back and ask yourself the questions? But I think you begin to wonder, what are the questions? The questions to life what are they, the questions to me what are they? The questions to you what are they? Questions? Questions? Questions? What do I call them? Where are the answers, damn I can even call this a question. What is something that we ask to find the basic knowledge of something, something that the answer will solve a mystery, a longing of information? 


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