Charge it the Ex

The formation of this piece is definitely unorthodox and out of the ordinary. But as I gave it some thought about if I actually did put it together, how it would look or what I would say, I began to understand further why it was needed and worthwhile.
This piece is to thank three different women who have help to shape me into the man in a relationship I am today. It’s a thanking of my exes. each of them came into my life at different times and all shared different moments with me. They all saw me at my high and low moments and each was there to go through it with me. And though the relationships did not last, at the end I can say I truly did and still do care about them. I can say this with all honesty because of each of them I was able to learn something more about myself but I was also able to grow.
With Shena, I learned patience in a relationship. Even though I knew before relationships were about give and take, sometimes you give earlier and you have to take later. Through that I come out knowing how to apply that, so for it I say thank you.
With Jenine, I understand deeper what it takes to build the foundation of a relationship. That there are building blocks that have to be put in place, that they are essential. Without them the good times will come, but they won’t last long. I smiled, We Smiled, thank you.
With Sarah, I know truly what it is to love and give your all to a woman. I know what it is to overcome and grow personally and mentally. As some would say it’s the true definition of love, which I am thankful for.
I could never talk bad about any of these women, even though they all are crazy, like I said before I have learned for them all, I have come to cherish them all, I have come to have love for them all. So this wasn’t just something I wanted to do it was something that was necessary. Necessary because to many times we find ourselves in relationships and whether they are good or bad we leave not taking anything away from them. When we should, because if the relationship was about nothing else then it should have been about growth. 


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