I wanna move on, I don't wanna still be in love with you. I don't wanna have the memories of us, but they're all I hold onto. I once called you my drug and I'm still addicted. I still scratch and itch looking for a fix. Just a small dose of you is all I need but how could that be. It CAN'T and I know this. I've deleted you from my Facebook and we don't follow on Twitter. But I still be on the lookout for you. I try and move further away, because distance already separates us and as I try to move one foot forward. The other just won't cooperate and get with the program. I'm stuck here wanting and waiting for you. It’s a pointless wait. Its after-hours and I know the bus isn't coming, but I stare at my watch and looking up as if it will show. I love you and I want you, but there no way I can have you...


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