Susan aka Suki

I first happen to meet Susan a little over two years ago now. When I first met her she was full of energy and extra excited. We met at Monster's College Diversity Leadership Program.

She is more than just a leader, she is more than just a writer, she is more than just a friend. She is a fun-filled, high spirited, and intriguing person, whose company I've come to enjoy.

Hailing from Albany, New York, this young lady of Nigerian descent, will wow and amaze you with her writings. This is the reason why her blog was chosen to be the first of the featured blogs in this new series here at Theory Republic.

all tumblr introductions tell you about the person and the blog in a could-be-sorry attempt to bring you a little bit closer. I realized how cliche it always looks so I'm thinking, Nah. FUCK that. Sometimes, I just wanna talk my shit and the best part is you don't even have to listen. Ehh. 

Boom." - Suki


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