A Like of A Female

I have to admit that as a heterosexual male, I never really took the time out to figure out what is was I truly loved or even liked about a female. I’ve been in relationships and I could answer you on what I liked or loved, but I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what is was about a female I like or loved on a basic level. It wasn’t until a young lady I was engaged in a 15 hour conversation with asked me and made me think. Just a side note, that was the longest continuous conversation I have ever had and it’s a little sad we still don’t speak now.
But what is it on that basic level that I like about a female. 

It’s this particular innocence that comes with most females regardless of what they have been through or all the crap life has thrown her way. She still manages whether she knows it or not to maintain that innocence. I love that simple embrace, yes that simple hug, but its something about it, especially if it’s a good and healthy relationship you both enjoy being in. It’s those questions that she’ll ask her man because she’s not sure or doesn’t know the answer. But looks to him for the answer even if she knows he may not know, because in her eyes her man is smart… 

that’s the best way I can describe what I like most about a female.


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