In Lust We Trust Pt. 1

Almost forgetting her pseudonym, she answers him. “Mmm, yeah I know Trey.” Eye roll. “I’m about to cum too. Oooh. Make. Me. Cum.” She says in exaggerated whispers.  Trey shudders from under her in the riding position she was in as he lets loose a massive orgasm. Not to miss her cue, Elise licks her finger & slides in her pussy & cums all over Trey’s dick on demand. How she does this is still a mystery. With her deed done, Elise rises up and off Trey’s now tired and limp dick. She reaches for the wipes in her purse & cleans up the wet mess on her thigh while making a mental note to herself, “Change your number. Lose his.” While Trey got himself together on the bed, recovering from the experience, Elise grabbed the $900 next to the alarm, hurriedly pulled her ripped stockings back on, slid into her dress & vanished out the door of the dank apartment into the dark hallway.
“Don’t even know why I wasted my time – oh yeah.

The full detailed version of this Erotic Tuck-In can be found at "Lust for All" this is brought to you by Theory Republuc via Suki 


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