The Wrap

To the Graduates of the Class of 2011,

For many of us, graduation will mark the end of a journey that began roughly 17 years ago. Yes I'm going back to that first day of kindergarten. Where mommy or daddy guided you down what you didn't know at the time would be a long journey of schooling and hard work. Well upon graduating you will see that the journey has indeed been long, and that the hard work is and going to pay off. But the moment is bittersweet, for my fellow graduates who I began college with here at U.B. and those in spirit. Worry not too much about the next chapter, we all have been well prepared for the world we are about to embark into.  We have made lifelong friends along the way, people who we didn't know so well before, but call bestfriends now. So I say again Congrats and Good Luck.

A Fellow 2011 Graduate 


SOJO said…
I got a couple pics. of you from FNO hunny!



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