New York City, the home of Wall Street, Times Square, Madison Square Garden, it’s the Big Apple, the City that never sleeps. New York City is a Financial, Entertainment and Fashion Capital. But I want to add a new title, it’s a Blogger Love capital. What I mean it’s the new home of the love that is shared between bloggers. Yes, I have come to love my fellow bloggers and well I hope the fun and love continues to grow as we all do big things. So check out one our of first entries.
this photo captured the essence of the night, it was beyond fashion, fashion was just the catalyst that brought us together.
Bobbie - 4-Lexi




this is a really nice pic, of these two ladies

i must say all these ladies were looking great, didn't have any expectations but if i did they would have surpassed them anyways

we ran into some 80's dressed guys in Soho, Bobbie was baggin em hence the kiss

I decided to stunt on NYC a lil bit, this is just one of the assembles I put together for NYC Fashion Week 2011, Spring 2012 Collection

it ended something like this, you can tell I'm the true alcoholic, you see I was ready with the salt. Shots of Jose Cuevo

had to end with this, Sojo couldn't finish it on the first shot, sorry I had to its all love

This was a great night, a night of laughs, drinks, and the love between bloggers being shared. I'm glad I could meet all these lovely ladies and I look forward to future outings, til the next time...


Tammy said…
Good times with some GREAT people!
♛ FWB said…
Hope to see you in the chat tomorrow (8pm eastern)! =]

<3 FWB
Theory Republic said…
Definitely was Tammy & Yes I should be there

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