The Cole Way

There will be some who will not agree with the basic premise of this statement, which is okay. Everyone is very much entitled to their opinion, which they should express.

The Cole Way, title given for the way rapper J. Cole went about accomplishing his goal and making his dream a reality. Not taking away any respect I have for other rappers who haven't done it the same way, but definitely respecting Mr. Cole even more for the way he did it. Any real J. Cole fan knows his story. Young black man from Fayetteville, North Carolina, Fayetteville is as hood and “ghetto” as you could call Brooklyn, Compton, or Philly, who dreamed of being a rapper. Presented with the opportunity to attend college, Cole decided it was the best route. I would have to agree with him, it was the best route. He doesn't hesitate himself to say it was or speak about him going to school. “I got a dollar and dream.”

For those who will say not everyone has that opportunity to attend College like him or that school isn’t for everyone. What makes Cole just like the others from places like him. You have to be willing to work hard at your dreams, but on top of that there isn’t anything wrong with having a plan B, or something to fall back on. That is the ultimate point being made. Ultimately he wanted to be a rapper, that’s what he decided he wanted to do with his life, but he realized that there were things and places he needed to do and go in order to reach that point.

People have to be willing to apply themselves and put in the necessary work to get places. In order for him to even have been presented with that opportunity to attend college, he would have needed to put himself in a position to be recognized. There aren't many excuses one can formulate in this day and age as to why you couldn't attend university. Yes, its hella expensive, I'm a recent graduate myself. Yes, it might just be hard-work, what in life isn’t. BUT, it will all pay off in the long run.

They say anythings possible, You gotta dream like you never seen obstacles Chasing obscene profits so we ain't stopping for the red lights Look in my rear view all I see is niggas headlights
Catch me if you can hoe They try and sack me and I scramble
Look up in the sky you'll see exactly where I am bo Hey, don't you see me man? Making my wishes come true with no genie man”

So with him, now having made it. Being signed to RocNation, his debut album released, and a fan base that supports his movement. I applaud Mr. Cole and hope that there are others who see his example and follow it.

The Cole Way
1. Know your dream
2. Plan
3. Do things that will better yourself
4. Apply yourself
5. Stay focused on your goal
6. Have a fallback
7. Make it happen


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