This is definitely a post that is OVERDUE, But its better late than never said. 

What my Atlanta trip has come to mean to me. When I left last March, I told myself I would be back. Summer rolled around and I said I am going to Atlanta. When I first said that I had no thoughts that it would become what it has to me. I've found serenity here in this place. I was able to escape just far enough to catch my breath and regroup. Not working this summer was not only mentally enlightening but also spiritually refreshing. 

This summer I have met so many great new people. From the new bloggers, that I feel genuinely connected to. And since were always shouting each other out here goes, Tammy, Kimberly, Asia, Soroya, Daja, and Steven thank you. Somehow from seeing the dedication you each give not only to your blogs but your personal lives has renewed my hunger. 

To the members of Seven, I don't know if we all will ever be on the same level. But I encourage you to continue to seek your divine purpose, and to become stronger in your conviction, you all are truly working wonders. 
To Ifie, there is so much I could say, all good though. Continue to grow, don't harp on the mistakes you will make along the way, diamonds aren't perfect until there purposely bruised and cut to form that magnificent shape. Continue to grow in your relationship with X. It really is something beautiful to see such a loving and caring couple that works with each other to build a stronger and better bond. So I wish the best for you both as a couple and remember that together you two can overcome any obstacle.  

To my cousins, Xavier, Alma, and Mychelle ( I did it in chronological order) it was truly a blessing being able to share the time that we did. I don't look at it taking us over 20 years to get done as a bad thing, with age comes a greater appreciation. 

To any of the other people I have met along the way while I've been here I say thank you for making it worth while, from each experience and interaction I took something away from it. 

I'm still now 100% set on making Atlanta my next place of residency, but I will say this past experience sure gives the city a very good convincing argument. 


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