To My Love

I gave my heart away in 8 month, some of you will say, "that's not enough time, you couldn't have truly loved or been loved by them." What I will say to you is that it's more than possible. I've been in love once before, truly in love, so when the feeling reappears and genuinely resurfaces I'm pretty sure I can recognize it for what it is. But in about in 8 month time period, my heart became open. At first I didn't know it, honestly I wasn't even looking for it, I wasn't even looking for you. It was a moment in life that was just right for the both of us.

But even still neither of us, came to realize that it was more than us bringing us together, something that was becoming magical. I'll be the first to admit that I didn't think we were headed down that path, but we both ended up skipping down it together. I remember the first night, when it all did hit me realizing that I was in a place where I was more than comfortable. Your presence, was pleasure. I great with writing words, but with you, I became better with speaking them.

The times, where it was a mental overpowered every physical. I gave away my heart in 8 months, its possible, when you spend mostly everyday with 1 person, everyday giving a little more of yourself each day, it can and will happen. I don't regret giving it away, you deserved my best, it was my aim to please.

You were my comforter, the ear, the shoulder, the arms, you were what I needed most. I've been grateful for every minute of it. I remember once I was upset, because I didn't feel inspired by you to write, but it was foolish and immature of me. Not realizing that the inspiration was staring me right in front my face. I was a changed person, because of you. I was changing, not necessarily because you had ask me to, but because I wanted to be better for you. It was a change, it was a change for the better, it was a change in me for you.

I remember the look on your face, when I first whispered it to you, I remember the feeling of openness, when it flowed from your lips. I Love You. The pleasure, pain, and passion, you gave me that I gave you. With you I've never been happier and I've never been as sad. You give me my highs and you give me my lows. I remember when we first met, we would go back and forth on who was winning or who was one up on the other. We'll I wanna play you... but not just for your heart, but for mine. We're both young with many years ahead of us, but I wanna be in this with you. My hand is extended, don't hesitate just reach out and grab it.


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