Can You Pray to Much?

Prayer changes things,
I am a prayer myself, I am a child of God,
I'm a firm believer, even in the darkest of days.

In my time in Atlanta,
I spent more time thinking and
experiencing new things.

In life I'm always open to new things, I'll try practically anything once.
So the other day after the young adult ministry experience  rehearsal, I
joined them in prayer. What I experienced was a group of Christians
who were 100% vocal in their worship. And at first if you're not used to
it, it can be a bit shocking Standing there I was unsure how to carry on,
especially after I had finished my talk with God. Do I excuse myself, go
take a seat, stand there, continue on? I found myself still standing
there. So I decided to continue to speak with Him, just going back over
what I had said before, reiterating. I will say that afterwards I did feel
moved to continue along in the ceremonies. Touching the seats asking
God to fill them. But the question I began to ponder was, can you pray
to much.

What I mean by this is, in one occasion can you take the prayer further than
it needs to go. This wasn't my first experience with prayer or God. I am a
child that has grown up in church and had God in my life for as long as I
can remember. So what I start to wonder is in that prayer, are you forcing
yourself to go above and to far beyond to show or even prove that your
connection is real? I wonder this because as I listened to them and further
interacted with them I see that their actions and relationship with God is
genuine and their conviction is honest. But I wonder is their prayer just
for show, to themselves though.

I've always held that my relationship with God is a good one. One that I
am not ashamed to show, express, or even talk about. I remember once
even talking about it at an interview (even though your not suppose to).
But I remember saying that God does help me in my life, church and God
help to keep me stable, grounded, and humble. But I also believe that the
relationship you build with God, is one between you and him. Yes, it is
said you're suppose to spread the word of God. But that isn't the
individual relationship with him, so it continued to make me wonder. I
believe that in the power of God and that prayer changed things. But what
I continue to wonder about was the way they prayed. Are they taking away
from the personal aspect of prayer, are they lessening the meaning of this
pray, is it necessary.

Though I haven't concluded any one particular thing. I'm still in search for
an answer. What I will say is what I have seen is that we all truly pray in
different ways. That there are those who are more vocal or expressive than
others. But our, Him, is the same and still deserving of the praise we give. 


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