Aquarius on Aquarius

I never hide the fact that I’m an Aquarius, a very proud Aquarius at that. And while I don’t believe astrology is an exact science I do think it does have some slight creditability.
Well with it, I have seen that it matches
Aquarius’ as compatible. And in prior experiences
the two have faired pretty well. But would it could it work
amongst two friends.
You must weigh two different fronts before saying yes. The building of a better more meaningful relationship or the damaging of an already stable bond. As an Aquarius I’m giving caring kind, loyal, passionate, smart, and the list goes on.

The same qualities I see in myself I would
undoubtingly see in you. But could we be
real and give it our all. Understanding that it takes two,
willing to put one foot forth, but scared to follow with a second.
Because the second just isn’t a friendship between the two, it’s the friendship of the entire relationship. But, tired of past hurts and scared of future pains could the two indeed make it work


Atareeh said…
I have a soft spot in my heart when it comes to Aquarius men. We are complete opposites... I'm a Leo :)

Nice post.

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