The Love Dealership

Love and relationships are like cars. You're at the dealership and you see all these cars, and they all seem good. But some cars aren't going to start up when you really need to be somewhere, some cars look good on the outside but are way too expensive and come with a price that you can't handle, some cars will fool you and starting out, it will take you everywhere, but break  down when you least expect it, and some cars just don't look like anything you'll ever try to drive. But there's that ONE car that gets you where you need to go, that you're happy with, and that has been there through rain, hail, sleet, snow, and storms. And y'all...that's the car you KEEP.

Please go BACK to the dealership if the car you purchased isn't working right.  Do not risk your life, because you THINK the car will be okay. It won't. I have been seeing so many distorted images of love lately that it's killing me. I am a strong believer in just as you can fall in love, you can fall out of love or just as much as you think you're in love, you're not. Love is like that rearview mirror in the car that says 'objects in the mirror are closer than they appear' except 'love is farther away than it appears.' Most times you're not even in love, but think you are. But I digress, please do not be with someone who can't make you happy. Do not let someone in your heart that doesn't deserve to be there. I've seen what love looks like while broke. That's not what I want, that's not what you need.

I want the kind of love where no matter how old my husband and I get, I don't get tired of looking at him. The kind of love where no matter what he does that irritates me, at the end of the day...I'm able to look past it. The kind of love where I can look a mess but I'm still gorgeous in his eyes. The kind of love where we can discuss our dreams, hopes, and aspirations together and be able to help each other reach them. The kind of love where we can talk for hours and not have a single dull moment, and if we do it's because he just wants to hear me breathe. The kind of love that is split evenly, 50-50. The kind of love where we can argue, fuss, and fight at night...but still the next day be able to say I'm sorry.The kind of love that's hard to find. I don't want it if it's easy or need it if it's that hard, I don't want it if everyone else has had it, and I damn sure don't want it if it's going to make me unhappy. Be careful who you say you love. Be careful how you use the word love. And be sure to recognize when love is just GONE. Don't hold on to that one car hoping things will change, go back to the dealership.

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