Let's Not Talk About Sex

I wanna figure out if you're right for me. I wanna have a conversation, figure out what were both into, some of the things you like to do. So let's not talk about sex. 
Picture you playing my field could you dodge in and out fast and slow could you tackle me to the ground make me head spin round until I scream no mercy.
Wait! Wait! Wait!
Let's not talk about sex!
We'll talk weather and if you just happen to be a storm could you do damage in my neighborhood could you bang every wall in my house put me to sleep cause a power outage could you flood my streets make it wet go deep. 
Let's not talk about sex! 
You know what I need a field hockey stick one that stays hard winds like a clock tic tic make it hurt when your ball enters my goal.

Oh shit!

Let's not talk about sex!


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