African American Male Republican

Growing up as an inner city youth, during life you will be exposed to numerous things. Things that will all begin to have you questioning the eco and social standing of yourself and others around you. And as you continue to grow and become more of an adult, an active participant in government. You too choose a party to which your ideals mainly lie.

Growing up as an african american inner city male, many around me would without question call themselves democrats. The party of the people, well only really in modern times. But myself with a different view, understanding, and aspect of it all would with question call myself a democrat and without a republican.

Many of African Americans around me, family and friends all begin to ask why when the position is stated. And well it isn’t to be objective, standoffish, different, higher or mightier. Its simple where my life ideals lie. The problem that many african americans and americans tend to have is that we do not read enough into something to understand it before we judge.

I must admit at times even I am at odds with some of the current practices and rhetoric of member of the party I claim. But that is life and unfortunately for both sides a consequence of alliance. But looking solely at ideals and beliefs of each party. Any well-minded, hard-working, wanting better for himself would ideally want to be a republican.

Republicans, whether more conservative or moderate, believe that government serves a purpose to an extent. That it is each individuals' responsibility to ensure his or her own success. That through government certain assistance can be provided but to a certain extent. That government need not involve itself in the personal life of the citizen.

Democrats, whether more liberal or moderate, also believe that government serves a purpose but not limited to the same extent. That with government support 100% of the way people are responsible for their successful. Democrats believe that through complete hand holding people will become better. Deeply emersing themselves in the life of the citizen.

Now going by either of these standards would make it hard for anyone to align themselves with either or. But when you take the time to look at it all it becomes simpler. I’m not 100% against the welfare system. Though were it is at now, wasn’t its intended purpose, but look at where it is now. At the same time the complete deregulating of many of our industries have also lead to disastrous outcomes.

Neither side is perfect, but when each side is given an equal overview one will see that whole heartedly neither is good for the country or any ruled nation. I guess that’s why we have independents. But its only through allowing for further understanding do we actually reach this conclusion.


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