The Fuckery of Sex

I'm clearly not understanding the fuckery going on these last two days. One I'm going to say I DO NOT condone child pornography, so I wont be posting any screenshots with this. Two if you somehow get offended by what's said, I DO NOT care.

The last two days there have been videos circulating around the Blackberry Messenger and Twitter world of young people having sex and engaging in other sexual activities. The young people in these videos all seem young, but I'm not really knocking them for exploring their sexuality as long as its safe sex go for it.

What I am appalled by is the need to record and then publicize the acts all over the Internet. In one video the young lady is in the stairwell having sex with a young man, while a mutual friend I will assume, is recording and assisting in the act. Even more disturbing is that she does not hide her face, but gets up,smiles for the camera, speaks a few words then proceeds to go back to the young man she was having sex with and performs oral sex. All while the mutual friend is still there recording.

Again I will state I DO NOT condone child pornography, now I do not know the ages of the people in this video, it is pretty easy to assume though that they are still minors.

Like previously exclaimed I'm not knocking them for practicing safe sex, which they did he wore a condom. But was there a need to have a tag along friend, and did any of you there need to then put the video online? When videos like these are uploaded and spread throughout the Internet and the world, it makes it harder for many others who do not engage in this activity but somehow associated with those in the video to continue in their ways. No I'm not saying that because of this video now many more people are going to begin to have sex in the stairwell of their buildings and record it. I've never been a fan of peer pressure, and I also think that it doesn't hold as much weight as people claim it does, but that's for another topic coming soon. The point I am trying to make is this, that the teens in the video are of African American background, the pure exploitation of this video will give grounds for stereotypes and judgements of other teens of similar if not the same background. If not for any other reason, be mindful that it is Black History Month, that our ancestors, even mothers and fathers would not approve of such behavior, let alone stand for it. Let's have just a little more respect for ourselves.


Unknown said…
i agree...smh..she has no respect for herself..."come ova here girl"..she says " i dnt really do this but ok" u ddnt have to have oral sex if u ddnt want to
Anonymous said…
preach brother!

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