A Tear For Grandma

I will undoubtingly assume that we all for the most part hold our Grandmothers close to our hearts. For if not for them, we would not be.
For me this statement is forever true. A friend recently lost her Grandmother, and in sending my condolensces I expressed that even after death Grandmas still remain with us, because they are always in our heart. And in the days that followed I continued to ponder on this thought, realizing that it is that deep, but also goes deeper.
Grandmas are at the foundation of the person we are today. Usually strict and stern, stuck in their ways, but modern in the attempts of trying to stay up to date with the happenings. Grandmas are one of the first to provide us with nurturing care. It's Grandma who instructs, guides, and assist, the mommy in learning on the path of becoming a mother.
So it is with great respect for every Grandmother, that when contemplating the creation of this post that I needed to make sure that it was done with much admiration for their strength in being the nucleus of a family, that bond that brings and keeps the family together. That it be done with envy for their knowledge and wisdom they posse, that knowledge they use to directly and indirectly guide our lives. That it be done with a level of jealousy that one day I can imcompass the passion and love they have for life. That love that gives them the strength to raise that grandchild that otherwise has been abandoned. The passion that even though those aging bones are brittle and hurt, she continues to do all to provide.
It would be unbecoming of the person that I’m striving to be, if I didn’t say that I appreciate the good times and the bad times spent with Grandma. From the laughs and conversation about life, to the beatings over not getting up when she called or just because of my foolish childhood actions. But it is because of these encounters, because of those moments of upbraiding and those moments of joy, that I’m today Jarrell. A man that respects the courage of not only my Grandmothers but all, a man that sheds a tear from all that they have done for me, for the place that I was, to the place that they have help bring me.
Still blessed to live theses days with both my Grandmothers, and as I get older, I understand the days aren’t endless, so I say that I will spend them cherishing the moments. Deeply encouraging those who can, to do. For those who can’t, just take a minute to speak, trust me she’s listening. Remember no moment spent with Grandma is to short.


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