I feel as if this was desperately needed. FUCK BET.
They are always airing some special or have some documentary on or about the progress of Black people and the things we need to or should do to continue that support. But I think thats all BULLSHIT. I’m not sugarcoating a damn thing. BET aint shit, tonight our President, our nation’s first African American President, spoke live from Tucson, Arizona; after the shooting tragedy this past Saturday. He spoke about how as Americans, how as a country we need to move forward together pasted this national tragedy. How in honor of the victims that we lost, that we need to ensure that as we move forward that our progress continues as a nation, as we continue to perfect this Union. That we do it in such a manner that we live up to the innocent image that 9 year old little girl had of this country. But yet, this wasn’t aired on Black Entertainment Television. Where is the support, how come they did promote, advertise, or air the broadcast. But can produced and advertise the shit out of The Game and Let’s Stay Together. I don’t have anything against either show, but fuck BET in general. The things that should be highly promote to increase the standards of our community just fall through the cracks, when you OUR network is suppose to be there as you say you are to help us move forward. But you, BET are truly lacking in the moral fiber to actually accomplish this task. 


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