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The Oprah Rose Show

Wondering what the hell is the Oprah Rose Show, well let me tell you, its where ya hoe side and fairy god mother side meet and make you a dope ass person. This podcast is brought to you by host TT and GG, chronicles their life's (mis)adventures; it's really only "mis" depending on the dating situation. What's most interesting about this particular podcast, in a world filled with so many, is its rawness and sheer openness to any and every topic under the sun. 

The two ladies have discussed everything from running red lights (period sex) to trying to be successful as a black woman to how it goes down in the DM's to promoting black culture to women just being bosses in their own right. What makes the show most appealing is these two ladies unapologetic approach, they show their true colors, share their mistakes and successes. The show brings you real thoughts about what it's like being real while living in New York City as a sometimes single, sometimes loosel…

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