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Women Owned Business: Styled By SB - Shena Bernard

What does the top look like to you? 
The top looks like not worrying about any type of struggle, living the next day without the worry about the next dollar, comfortable knowing you can get by. Overall, to know you are successful, is knowing you've reached your goal and once at the top, you can only go up from there.
What was the toughest part of starting your own business/getting to where you are today? 
Getting the customer, in that aspect I want to make sure they are satisfied and positive things are said. My goal is to always get a referral in the chair, it could be for braids, weave, short style or a wash and set. I always want it to be noticed, even if it's a college friend, I treat them like they're a first time customer. Keeping up with the trends and always being accessible. Those 14K follower stylist have the clientele, but they can't contact them. So, I make sure I'm accessible.
Follow up - How did you go about getting those customer? 
Mostly started in colle…

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